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Wizard pixCurious about computers? This hands-on seminar is the ideal place to begin. You can view the text portion of the seminar by following the links below. If you would like to also view the program examples and details in addition to the text, get the free download that includes both text and programs.

Note: A new seminar is in development, using the latest Windows VisualBASIC format. If you're interested in getting an email notice when it's completed, just mail Dick Ainsworth at this link.

Six Programs - start here to begin

Inside Stuff - flowcharts and experiments

Programmers Toolkit - tips and techniques

In the classroom - information for teachers

Seminar Index - If you can't find it here, I can't find it either

This seminar is sponsored by Ainsworth & Partners, Inc. and is available at no cost to schools and individuals. Seminar Copyright © 1996-2004 by Dick Ainsworth.© 2004 Ainsworth & Partners,