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Conversation Piece

Conversation PieceTyping and thinking at the same time is a different skill than copying prepared text. This program gets you used to being able to compose and write as fast and as well as you think. The written conversations you will have are with the computer, and can be anything from serious to silly. The practice you get will quickly convince you that writing has become a lot easier, now that you have a computer to help. The Ainsworth Conversation Piece is included with the Keyboard Trainer software.

Ainsworth Writer

Ainsworth WriterSome of the early word processors were easier to use than today's full-featured products. We have returned to this basic simplicity in designing a word processor specifically for beginning writers. If all you want to do is write and print a document, this is for you. The help system will get you up and running in a couple of minutes. We've also included a short course with few ideas we've found helpful for writing and editing your work. The Ainsworth Writer is included with the Keyboard Trainer software.

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