Artist Statement


Early in my career as a freelance writer, I discovered that I could expand my range of assignments (and my profit) by including photos with my writing. As a result, a Leica camera and IBM Selectric typewriter quickly became companion tools. Strictly photographic assignments were added to my writing as my abilities with camera and darkroom improved.

When my interests shifted from general magazine article to science writing, my photography became more of a hobby than a profession. I continued taking pictures, but more for my own pleasure than for profit.

Inheriting Dad’s Speed Graphic view camera a few years ago changed everything. I began exploring the magic of large format photography, following the footsteps of Ansel Adams and others. At least my photographic equipment is similar, if not the vision. At least not yet.

Since I am quite at home with computers and software, adding these modern tools to traditional photography is a natural extension of the camera. This has led me to expand the capabilities of both digital and film formats with multiple imaging techniques. With unlimited resolution at my disposal, I can now create large-scale photographs that remain sharp at close distances.

Today I explore the potential of photography on several fronts. I use my cameras and my skills to support several organizations and people I care about. I continue to experiment and explore new challenges in large scale and multi-dimensional imaging. I enjoy sharing my work and my vision.

Official photographer:
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society
Wisconsin Parks and Recreation
Spring Green Literary Festival
Folklore Village , Dodgeville , WI
Voice of the River Valley magazine
Calit2, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
Rep. Steve Hilgenberg, Wisconsin State Government

Green Lantern Studios, Mineral Point , WI
Longbranch Gallery, Mineral Point , WI
Starprintz, Middleton , WI
43/90 North Earth, Spring Green, WI